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With Everyone Around.

Ripple is a new social media created by students for students. Never miss out on what's happening in your area!


The Best Way to Let Your Thoughts Be Free.

On Ripple you will see all the fresh things people are talking about in your local area and that's just the basics!
Ripple is a social media that forms around you.


Groups are what you are talking about right now around the app you can subscribe to the chat and posts.
Groups are spontaneous, the come and go jus like real conversation.


Group Chats, re-imagined. Take your conversations anywhere on the app! Members must be approved by those already in the club.


Let's reinvent the word! #GeoTagsā„¢ are places you talk about. Leave it to us to figure out where they are!

So let's get started!

Make a Post Or Comment

Posts will be seen by those around, the more people like your post the further it will be seen!

Attach Something

Mention a group and they will see it, mention a person by initials or name and they will be notified, mention a private club to get your friends in there!

Check out What's happening

Clubs and groups each have their own chat to talk about what's going on. Once you feel comfortable you come out of anon and make a persona for yourself with a nickname!


Group or Club members can chat with each-other using end-to-end encryption. If you make a post you can choose to let people chat with you based on it. Perhaps your crush will see...

...And Style

Announce your presence with cosmetics for your persona and posts. Earn these exclusive cosmetics by being awesome and spending our currency you gain from popular content! Or get them for free by signing up to

Grab a Spot

Ripple was founded on 3 basic values.

We have the perfect formula for how to create the perfect online space.


You decide the content! On Ripple, all users are equal. Democracy decides everything. Clubs have no admins, Groups have no owners. Only in extremes will the app raise problems for admins to look over and for this to happen, there must be serious reports. Until then, vote away and shape our platform.


Your private life should stay private, only by allowing this can we truly be ourselves. On Ripple you decide just how much of yourself you want to share. An account can range from being completely anonymous to a full blown profile. Even when you have a profile, your actions on Ripple don't always have to be linked to you, you can have many different identities on Ripple anywhere on this scale.


Your chats with users are end-to-end encrypted, this however isn't a free pass to harass one another! If and only if you report someone, you can then release your chat so we can decide what happens.

Now grab a spot!

Register with us now and we will put aside some special styles and flairs for early adopters only!
You'll also be the first to know when we release and have whatever username you want.